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Ordinance No. 762





PROJECTS NO. 2, NO 2-1987 AND NO. 2-1989



The Board of Supervisors of the County of Riverside, State of California, does ordain as follows:




A)    The purpose and intent of the Board of Supervisor with respect to the Merged Project Area is to accomplish to the greatest extent feasible the following


1.       Provide substantial benefit to the public through the revitalization of blighted areas and the increased economic vitality of these areas.


2.       Provide substantial benefit to the pubic through increased and improved housing opportunities in or near the merged project area.


3.       Create one unified redevelopment project that includes a balance of different land use types, including single family residential, multifamily residential, commercial and industrial land uses in order to establish a solid foundation of adequate housing and employment opportunities, and public improvements and facilities for its citizens.


4.       Expand the Agency's financial capacity to alleviate blight within the merged project area and the Jurupa community as a whole by increasing the Agency's ability to utilize currently available tax increment revenues in areas where these funds may be more productively utilized.


5.       Complete identified capital projects on a more timely basis via an expanded financial capacity, thereby reducing interest expenses and reducing the effects of inflation on project costs.


6.       Reduce the administrative burden caused by a multiplicity of project limitations, and thereby effect a savings in administrative expenses.


B.    The initial selection of each portion of the Merged Project Area ("Component Area") was generally based upon a desire to eliminate the conditions of blight caused by a number of different factors specific to each Component Area. The following objectives were established at the time of adoption of each component plan, and were intended to achieve each plan's overall goal.  Since their establishment, progress towards achieving each of these objectives has been made, but in the whole they stall remain effective.


1.       Encourage development according to the Riverside County Comprehensive General Plan and the Jurupa Community Plan.


2.       Encourage investment in the Merged Project Area by the private sector.


3.       Promote the development of new and diverse employment opportunities.


4.       Enhance and expand shopping facilities in the Merged Project Area by encouraging the development of new commercial uses and rehabilitation of existing commercial uses in conformance with the Jurupa Community Plan the Riverside County Comprehensive General Plan, and the County Zoning Ordinance.


5.       Promote the improvement and centralization of industrial areas to make the provision of public service more efficient.


6.       Promote the expansion of the Merged Project Area's industrial and commercial bases and local employment opportunities to provide jobs to unemployed and underemployed workers in the County


7.       Consolidate parcels as needed to induce new or expanded, centralized, commercial development in the Merged Project Area.


8.       Assist economically depressed areas and reverse stagnant or declining assessed valuation trends.


9.       Protect the health and general welfare of the Merged Project Area's many low and moderate-income residents by utilizing 20% of the tax increment revenues from the Merged Project Area to improve and preserve the supply of low- and moderate-income housing both inside and outside the Merged Project Area


10.     Up grade the physical appearance of the Merged Project Area.


11.     Rehabilitate deteriorated residential, commercial and industrial structures to eliminate safety deficiencies and to extend the useful lives of these structures.


12.     Remove economic impediments to land assembly and in-fill development in areas that are not properly subdivided for development or redevelopment.


13.     Eliminate incompatible, non-conforming land uses from the Merged Project Area.


14.     Buffer residential neighborhoods from the intrusion of incompatible land uses and noise.


15.     Mitigate potential relocation impacts resulting from changes in Merged Project Area land use from non-conforming and dilapidates uses to development in conformance with the Jurupa Community Plan, Riverside County Comprehensive General plan, and the Zoning Ordinance.


16.     Provide replacement housing as required by law when dwellings housing low- or moderate-income persons or families are lost to the low- of moderate-income housing market as a result of Agency activities.


17.     Provide relocation assistance to displaces in order to mitigate possible hardships due to relocation activities.


18.     Provide a broad range of public service infrastructure improvements to induce private investment in the Merged Project Area.  Such improvements could include the construction or reconstruction of roads, streets, curbs and gutters, sidewalks; the upgrading of street side landscaping; the construction and reconstruction of water storage and distribution facilities; the construction and reconstruction of sewage systems, and the development of drainage and flood control facilities.


19.     Provide new or improved community facilities such as fire stations, schools, park and recreational facilities, a civic center and library, a community /senior center, a sheriff's substation, jail improvements, juvenile and youth center facilities, expansion of court facilities and the expansion of public health and social service facilities, where appropriate to enhance the public health, safety and welfare.


20.     Encourage the cooperation and participation of Merged Project Area property owners, public agencies and community organizations in the elimination of blighting conditions and the promotion of new or improved development in al portions of the Merged Project Area.


21.     Provide a procedural and financial mechanism by which the Agency can assist, complement and coordinate public and private development, redevelopment, revitalization and enhancement of the community.





The Board of Supervisors hereby finds and determines that:


A)    Each Component Area o the Merged Project Area continues to be a blighted area pursuant to Section 33368 of the Community Redevelopment Law


B)    The Merged Project Area is a predominately urbanized area pursuant to Section 33368 of the Community Redevelopment Law.


C)    The Redevelopment Plan will redevelop the Merged Project Area in conformity with the Community Redevelopment Law and in the interests of the public health, safety and welfare.  This finding is based in part upon the fact that redevelopment of the Merged Project Area will implement the objectives of the Community Redevelopment Law by aiding in the elimination and correction of the conditions of blight, providing for planning, development, redesign, clearance, reconstruction or rehabilitation of properties which need improvement, and providing for higher economic utilization of potentially useful land.


D)    The adoption and carrying out of the Redevelopment Plan is economically sound and feasible.  This finding is based in part on the fact that under the Redevelopment Plan no public redevelopment activity will be undertaken unless the Agency can demonstrate that it has adequate revenue to finance the activity; the Agency's Report to Board of Supervisors further discusses and demonstrates the economic soundness and feasibility of the Redevelopment Plan and undertakings pursuant thereto.


E)    The Redevelopment Plan conforms to the Comprehensive General Plan of the County of Riverside and the Jurupa Community Plan, including, but not limited to, the Housing Element thereof.  This finding is based in part on the finding of the Planning Commission of the County of Riverside that the Redevelopment Plan conforms to the Comprehensive General Plan of the County of Riverside and the Jurupa Community Plan.


F)    The carrying out of the Redevelopment Plan will promote the public peace, health, safety and welfare of the County of Riverside and will effectuate the purposes and policies of the Community Redevelopment Law This finding is based on the fact that redevelopment will benefit the Merged Project Area and the community by correcting conditions of blight and by coordinating public and private actions to stimulate development, contribute toward needed public improvements and improve the economic, and physical conditions of the Merged Project Area in the community.


G)    The condemnation of real property to the extent provided for in the Redevelopment Plan is necessary to the execution of the Redevelopment Plan, and adequate provisions have been made for payment for property to be acquired as provided by law.   This finding is based in part upon the need to assemble sites for development which will result in new economic activity in the Merged Project Area and to prevent the recurrence of blight.


H)    The Agency has a feasible method for the relocation of families and persons displaced from the Merged Project Area.  The Board of Supervisors and the Agency recognize that the provisions of Sections 7260 to 7276 of the California Government Code would be applicable to any relocation that would occur due to the implementation by the Agency of the Redevelopment Plan.   The Boards of Supervisors finds and determines that the provision of relocation assistance according to law constitutes a feasible method of relocation.


I)     There shall be provided, within the Merged Project Area or within other areas not generally less desirable with regard to public utilities and public and commercial facilities and at rents r prices within the financial means of any families and persons who might be displaced from the Merged Project Area, decent, safe and sanitary dwellings equal in number to the number of and available to the displaced families and persons, and reasonably accessible to their places of employment Families and persons shall not be displaced prior to the adoption of a relocation plan pursuant to Health and Safety Code  Sections 33411 and 33411.1 Dwelling units housing persons and families of low or moderate income shall not be removed or destroyed prior to the adoption of a replacement housing plan pursuant to Health and Safety Code Sections 3334.5, 33413, and 33413.5.    This finding is based upon the Rules, regulations and policies for Relocation Assistance and Grievance Procedures for the Riverside County Redevelopment Agency which was adopted by reference as the relocation method for the Merged Project Area pursuant to Riverside County Redevelopment Agency Resolution No. 96-5, and the Housing Element of the Comprehensive General Plan.


J.     The elimination of blight and the redevelopment of the Meted Project Area would not reasonably expected to be accomplished by private enterprise acting alone without the aid and assistance of the Agency.   This finding is based in part upon the continued existence of blighting influences including, without limitation, the demonstrated lack of private sector interest in redeveloping properties in the Merged Project Area, Structural deficiencies and other indications of blight more fully enumerated in the Agency's Report to Board of Supervisors, and the unfeasibility due to cost of requiring individuals  (by means of assessments or otherwise to eradicate or significantly alleviate existing deficiencies in properties and facilities and the inability and inadequacy of other governmental programs and financing mechanisms to eliminate the blighting conditions.


k.    The Redevelopment Plan, as amended, contains adequate safeguards so that the work of redevelopment will be carried out pursuant to the Redevelopment Plan and it provides for the retention of controls and the establishment of restrictions and covenants running with the land sold or leased for private use for periods of time and under conditions specified in the Redevelopment Plan, which the Board of Supervisors deems necessary to effectuate the purposes of the Community Redevelopment Law


L.    The time limitations and financial limitation established for the Merged Projects Area are reasonably related to the projects proposed in the Redevelopment Plan and to the ability of the Agency to eliminate blight within the Project Area.




         The Board of Supervisors is satisfied that permanent housing facilities will be available within three (3) years from the time occupants of the Merged Project Area, if any, are displaced, and that pending the development of such permanent facilities, there will be available to any such displaced occupants temporary housing facilities at rents comparable to those in the County of Riverside at time of their displacement.




         The Board of Supervisors has considered written objections to the Redevelopment Plan and all evidence and testimony for and against the adoption of the Redevelopment Plan.   All written objections have been overruled.




That certain document entitled "Redevelopment Plan for the Jurupa Valley Project Area Merger and Amendment", the maps contained therein and such other reports as are incorporated therein by reference, a copy of which is on file in the Office of the Clerk of the Board of the County of Riverside, having been duly reviewed and considered, is hereby incorporated in this Ordinance by reference and made a part hereof.  The Redevelopment Plan is hereby designated, approved and adopted as the official "Redevelopment Plan for the Jurupa Valley Project Area Merger and Amendment."



         In order to implement and facilitate the effectuation o the Redevelopment Plan as hereby approved, the Board of Supervisors hereby (a) pledges its cooperation in helping to carry out the Redevelopment Plan, (b) requests the various officials, departments, boards and agencies of the County of Riverside having administrative responsibilities in the Merged Project Area likewise to cooperate to such end and to exercise their respective functions and powers in a manner consistent with the development of the Merged Project Area, (c) stands ready to consider and take appropriate action upon proposals and measures designed to effectuate the Redevelopment Plan, and (d) declares its intention to undertake and complete any proceeding necessary to be carried out by the County of Riverside under the provisions of the Redevelopment Pan.



         The County Clerk of the Board if hereby directed to send a certified copy of this Ordinance to the Agency, whereupon the Agency is vested with the responsibility for carrying out the Redevelopment Plan.



         The County Clerk of the Board is hereby directed to record with the County Recorder of Riverside County a description of the land within the Merged Project Area and a statement that proceedings for the redevelopment of the Merged Project Area have been instituted under the Community Redevelopment Law.



         The County Clerk is hereby directed to transmit a copy of the description and statement to be recorded by the County Clerk of the Board pursuant to Section 8 of this Ordinance, a copy of this Ordinance and a map or plat indicating the boundaries f the Project Area, to the Auditor and Tax Assessor of the County of Riverside, to the governing body of each of the taxing agencies which received taxes from property in the Merged Project Area and to the State Board of Equalization.



This ordinance shall be in full force and effect thirty (30) days from and after the date of final passage.



If any part of this Ordinance or the Redevelopment Plan which it approves is held to be invalid fore any reason, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portion of this Ordinance or of the redevelopment Plan, or the Redevelopment Plan as it existed prior to adoption of this Ordinance, and the Board of Supervisors hereby declares it would have passed the remainder of this Ordinance or approved the remainder of the Redevelopment Plan if such invalid portion thereof had been deleted.



         This Ordinance shall be introduced at least five (5) days prior to the board of Supervisors meeting at which this Ordinance is to be adopted.  The full text of this Ordinance shall be published and/or be posted as required by law in accordance with Government Code Section 36933.





ADOPTED:    7/9/96     3.15     (Eff:  8/8/96)